Preschool Story Time

Wednesday @ 11:15 am –  Commences throughout the school year.

April 3rd – Bugs: building with pattern blocks and tinker toys; cookie decorating at Rustic Nook Bakery

April 10th – Plants, Sees, & Flowers: planting seeds in various ways to take home and grow your own flowers

April 17th – Earth Day/ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Sensory Bins & Games

April 24th – Spring!: Egg Carton Flowers

Teen Life Skills

Nearly every Wednesday afternoon the Lead Library will be hosting a special program just for TEENS! This is your opportunity to learn the things you want to learn, the skills that will help you face adulthood, and the things that make you a little nervous to think about doing on your own. This is an evolving program that will be molded to fit its participants needs, so there’s no set in stone description. Through the month of April we’ll be exploring what we need to know about relationships: Communication & Social Media, Emotional Regulation. This will include special guest presenters and speakers that are licensed therapists and counselors. You’ll learn skills to that will help you navigate any relationship. We’ll make some food together, eat and practice some of the skills that will help us be more successful and capable adults.

Winter Dates: 4-6pm on following dates

April 3rd, 10th, 17th, 23rd (TUESDAY!): Youth and Family Services has partnered with the library to bring a 5 week course called Relationship Smarts. This course started in March and will end April 10th. Meals: Deviled Eggs & Dijon Dill Pork Tenderloin (3rd) & Individual Pizzas (10th)

April 17th: Christine Allen will present on how to regulate our emotions using acting skills. Meal: Buffalo Chicken Wraps

April 23rd: game & snacks day. Come hang out! Meal: Instant Pot Bulgogi


Adult Book Club

Monthly Meetings

April 24th @ 5:00 pm

Genre: Biography/Autobiography

Board Meetings

Board Members

Gary Linn – President

Micki Moore

Barb Fosheim

Elizabeth Groeger

Beth Bertolotto


Lead Library Endowment

The Lead Library Endowment Board raises funds to go above and beyond the basics. Tax payer dollars buy the books and keep the lights on.

Some library projects we have supported:

  • Children’s section update
    • furniture, rugs, shelving, etc.
  • Major furniture purchases including:
    • new computer desks
    • new circulation desk
    • fireplace and comfy chairs
  • Children’s programming  supplies
  • Don’t forget the Keurig!

But we can’t do it without your help.